• Unite the physicians of Korean heritage to further global interaction
  • Facilitate Korean American physicians to excel in all aspects of their medical career
  • Foster educational and medical outreach and mentorship
  • Share medical knowledge and skills for bettering the world community


  • To unite physicians of Korean heritage through scientific collaboration and social networking
  • To strengthen KAMA throughout the United States by active national engagement of KAMA’s regional chapters.
  • To grow KAMA membership by providing for the needs of our KA physicians and promoting service to our communities.
  • To mentor the development of our future generations by supporting KAMSA and maintaining a close working relationship with the medical students.
  • To achieve a national KA physician voice by regaining our AMA delegate seat and promoting issues that affect us.
  • To serve as a national platform for health disparity issues, health policies, and other relevant concerns.
  • To develop a mutually beneficial partnership with physicians in Korea, including KMA, KAMS, KHA, and Korean Health and Ministry Department.
  • To impact the Global Community by active participation in healthcare all around the world.