In: News Letter

Dear Dr. David Ko,

In the year of 2012,  you were elected to the Presidency of KAMA of USA.  You accepted this office with full knowledge of the responsibilities and obligations inherent in this office.

However, you abruptly left your office without reason or forewarning in the fall of 2014, before the end of the term of the Presidency.  This precipitated a crisis in the existence of KAMA.

Moreover, you directed that $53,000 was to be transferred from KAMA emergency fund to be used at your discretion.  As of the date of termination of your presidency, you left a deficit of $43,000.  Despite repeated requests for you to submit an accounting of how and where these funds were spent, you have contumaciously refused to give this information to us.  The loss of this money, as well as your failure to account for its expense, is evidence of gross negligence.  We are in financial straits as a result of this loss.

You have committed an unethical act by your abrupt resignation from your office, and you have breached your fiduciary duty to KAMAUS and its members.  These dishonorable acts will not be forgotten.




Jeffrey Ahn, MD
Brice Choi, MD
Hoo Geun Chun, MD
Daniel Kim, MD
David Kim, MD
Stanley Kim, MD
Roger Kim, MD
Chrster Koh, MD
Howard Lee, MD
John Oh, MD
Kee Park, MD
James Suh, MD
John Won MD
Carl Yorita, MD

Board of Directors, KAMA
Executive Staff, KAMA