Dear Members

It is truly a special honor to be your president for 2018. My late father Dr. Chang Yul Oh held this title in 1979 as KAMA’s fourth president. 39 years later the legacy is alive, and we are still going strong.
KAMA has advanced so much since its inception. And yet, we have so much more to accomplish.
We started out as a fledgling social organization struggling for academic acceptance. We now have inspirational leaders in multiple fields, who we proudly count as KAMA members.
This year’s highly successful winter Olympics in Pyeong Chang was a testament to our growth as a people.
The theme of the 2018 Olympics was unity, as we witnessed the North and South participating as one team.
I want this year’s theme for KAMA to also be about unity. How do we unite as like-minded people under the umbrella of a national organization when we are seemly so disparate? Perhaps this has been the most challenging question all along. I will have an answer this year.
There are several key projects I want to tackle this year:
1. Fundraising (we need money to finance our projects)
2. Enhance our website to be more content driven.
3. Create a database for our physicians, preferably on the website, so that we can connect more easily.
4. Continue to build on our relationships with S. Korea, as Korea and Asia becomes more influential in modern medicine.
Our national meeting will be at the Encore in Las Vegas, Friday, October 12 to Sunday, October 14, 2018. We will focus on connections, both in terms of electrons (AI, IoT) and people (relationship building). We will be reducing the number of CME’s to allow more time for mingling and entertainment. After all, it’s Las Vegas. I guarantee an unforgettable meeting. And for those who embrace excitement and are willing to pay extra, I guarantee you memories to last a lifetime.
We have a long way to go before the year is over and our goals are met. We have much to do. I will be asking everyone to contribute to our collective effort.
Let’s continue to make KAMA great again.
John Oh, M.D.
President of KAMA


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Founded on October 23, 1974, the Korean American Medical Association(KAMA) was established by representatives of three U.S. regions – New York City, Washington D.C. And Chicago – with most number of Korean physicians first as the Korean Medical Association of America (KMAA), of which name later became KAMA in 1993.


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